The Baltic Sea Card is a debit and credit card for the environmentally conscious customer. The card is biodegradable and produced from maize.

Together with a number of partners, the Bank of Åland has developed Aland Index, an index that calculates an estimate of the environmental impact of your monthly consumption through your card purchases. If you wish, you can choose to donate to different environmental projects or change your consumption patterns. 

See the film about the Baltic Sea project

The Aland Index

To develop the Aland Index we have used the same data for environmental impact as we have at our disposal when we do risk assessments upon making investments. After which we have let KPMG, an external and independent party, review the index. Aland Index will be activated as a service for the Baltic Sea Card by the end of the year. In our calculator, based on the new Aland Index, you have the possibility to estimate your environmental impact even if you do not have the Baltic Sea Card yet. 

How the Aland Index works

  1. A credit card powers by the Aland Index
  2. The individual transaction data is sent to the credit card company
  3. Transactions are verified and sent to the bank
  4. The payment system uses the index to calculate the carbon footprint
  5. A report of your individual carbon footprint is presented trough the Aland Bank Internet office or mobile app 
  6. With the report comes an opportunity to make up for the footprint locally, globally, or by lifestyle