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With its 20-year history of supporting environmental projects, Ålandsbanken developed the Aland Index to show everyone how to contribute. With this ambition, all other banks are invited to join and use the Aland Index. True change is created together – with you and everyone who is interested in saving our planet.

Ambition in context

We implemented the index to enable you to make informed decisions, and we offer all our competitors to do the same for their clients. However, there is more to the idea than meets the eye:

  1. We set up the Baltic Sea as a hub to create funding for great ideas and understanding by the public. 
  2. We developed a SoMe platform and the bio-sourced Baltic Sea Credit Card to connect all clients of the bank to that ambition. 
  3. The unique credit card has a cause driven design and replaces all other cards in the bank. 
  4. We also connected the index to the card in order to connect your consumption to impact and impact to potential compensation. 

Innovation + Collaboration = Solution

A few examples that shows you are a part of a solution that makes a difference.

  • The initiative has been invited as an actionable example to high level meet at United Nations in NYC and Bonn.
  • MasterCard is working with the bank to enable others to join the Aland Index.
  • Is now a mandatory case study at Stockholm School of Economics.
  • Invited to the Sustainable Brands Summit and Contagious on trust and transparency.
  • Collaboration with Zennström Philanthropies (Race For The Baltic) in the new digital category.
  • Endorsed by the Swedish Minister of Financial Markets and Consumers. 


Anne-Maria Salonius

Director, Bank of Åland, Business Area Finland
+358 (0) 20 429 3401

Crista Tammela

Marketing coordinator
+358 (0) 204 293 407

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