About the Baltic Sea Project

Ålandsbanken would like to serve as a role model for others around the Baltic Sea and to remind people that everyone can do their part to help improve the situation. We do this by funding and supporting smart projects for a healthier Baltic Sea. In addition, Aland Index helps individuals to understand their own environmental impact. By providing good ideas an opportunity to be implemented, together we can create a better tomorrow.

Together we can make a difference.

Since 1997, Ålandsbanken has supported a wide range of environmental projects. In total, the bank has donated almost € 2 million to important environmental efforts of both large and small organisations. In the last few years, we have further developed our environmental commitment.

When Anne-Maria Salonius from Ålandsbanken was sailing with friends through the Åland archipelago, she got a close-up view of the sorry state of the Baltic Sea. Unfortunately, it was far from the healthy Baltic Sea we would all like to enjoy. After the sailing trip, they were firmly convinced that something had to be done.

Meanwhile at Ålandsbankens head office in Mariehamn, Åland, Tove Erikslund and Mathias Wikström had been working on ideas to expand the bank’s environmental work. When they later met with Anne-Maria Salonius on the Åland Islands – in the middle of the Baltic Sea – all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

Ålandsbankens long-term environmental efforts, combined with their personal initiatives, laid the foundations for the new Baltic Sea Project: an open platform that strives to fund good ideas and create commitment at a grassroot level. The project focuses on the Baltic Sea. Thanks to a simple process, we are now able to engage and involve customers, partners and the public.


The Baltic Sea Project is based on the conviction that we must face major environmental challenges together. This is why we are working actively with a variety of companies and organisations. The project is open for everyone who wants to contribute to a healthy Baltic Sea. One way is to acquire the Baltic Sea Card for yourself. In addition, we offer official partnerships to other companies that would like to contribute to this good cause with their expertise or funding.


Crista Tammela

Marketing coordinator
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Anne-Maria Salonius

Director, Bank of Åland, Business Area Finland
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