With the development of the Aland Index multiple stakeholders came together around one cause and critical ambition to drive change. The index aims to engage, explain and to create both funding and understanding by bridging the disconnect between the cause and effect in our consumption behaviour.

Offset your impact

It is no secret that our consumption-based lifestyle is eating away on our planet – CO2 levels are at record high and the arctic is falling apart. However, without a scorecard for our daily impact or automated connect it is difficult to know what to do and how to contribute to the solution. The index computes the impact of your every single transaction and offer alternatives on how to offset.

How it works

We have made complex data simple, and technology work seamless by turning your tool for consumption into a purposeful instrument for nature. The Aland Index measures the CO2 impact of every credit card transaction. The digital report is presented along with your monthly bill and suggests local, global or lifestyle call to actions to compensate for your impact. On a daily basis, you may follow up on progress via the Online or Mobile Bank.

Watch the video about the Aland Index


Anne-Maria Salonius

Director, Bank of Åland, Business Area Finland
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Crista Tammela

Marketing coordinator
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